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Use Soap

Use Soap


God bless this mess

Rexius Records

Stockholm, Sweden

Use Soap


Swedish rock band Use Soap approaches music with an easygoing and sincere flow of creativity. Inspired by bands such as Nirvana, Oasis, Dinosaur Jr, First Aid Kit, Vain and different movie soundtracks, their music stems from an innate desire to create good songs.

Exuding genuinity, the band’s name reflects their own uncomplicated approach to music, something the band members describe very well in their own words, “Use Soap doesn’t really have any direct deep meaning behind it. We like soap and we like using it”.

This very same naturalness and spontaneity permeates their creative process, also very well described by them, “we usually just jam until a real banger comes out. It’s more like the songs strike us from above instead of us having some specific process/manual for ‘how to write a song’”.

Use Soap signed with Gothenburg based Rexius Records in October 2021. Together, they continue to effortlessly evolve in their own way.


“Crimson Flowers In The Sky” – Fixating on the Past

Release Date: May 24, 2024