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“Crimson Flowers In The Sky” – Fixating on the Past

Use Soap’s New Impactful Song

Swedish rock band Use Soap is set to release their latest single “Crimson Flowers In The Sky” on May 26th. Echoing the vintage sound of ’60s bubblegum pop while incorporating a modern twist, the song melds the influence of artists like Tom Jones, The Beatles, and Tommy James & The Shondells with the band’s contemporary sound.

The song represents the band’s fixation on the past, as they come to terms with the relentless passage of time and the inevitable loss it entails. “I think the older you get the more life becomes miserable,” one of the band members confesses.

Written by Use Soap members David Jakobsson and Oscar Ringqvist, “Crimson Flowers In The Sky” showcases the band’s versatile approach to music-making, weaving their unique touch into an ever-changing sound. The song was produced, mixed, and mastered by Petter Lithvall at Gothenburg’s Stigbergsstudio.

Since signing with Rexius Records in October 2021, Use Soap has continued to evolve, exploring various musical landscapes while preserving its creative essence. Known for their straightforward and sincere approach to music, the band’s spontaneous creative process often results in songs that are both genuine and impactful.

Don’t miss the release of “Crimson Flowers In The Sky” on May 26th, a single that not only pays homage to the sounds of the past but also adds a unique modern approach.

Artwork: Simon Renström

Use Soap