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“Happily Ever After” – When Dreams Fall Apart

Noran’s New Anthem of Heartbreak and Shattered Hopes

Egyptian-American pop artist noran is set to release her poignant new single, “Happily Ever After,” on May 31st. Echoing the heartfelt lyrical style and soulful vocal performances of artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish, this piano-driven track is sure to captivate listeners who have gone through painful breakups.

With its vulnerable lyrics, “Happily Ever After” masterfully portrays the frustration of ending a relationship that was once thought to be perfect. Inspired by noran’s personal experiences, the song’s climactic electric guitar riff adds a powerful, expressive sound to its emotionally charged atmosphere.

Co-written by noran and Matthew May, the song was also co-produced by Nico Koufakis (who also mixed and mastered the track) and Giuliano Solis. It was recorded in noran’s childhood bedroom, adding a personal and intimate layer to the music. “Happily Ever After” showcases noran’s continual artistic evolution, preserving her authentic sound while adding a fresh, electrifying rock touch and an even more vulnerable, confessional lyrical style.

Since her debut in 2019, noran has captivated audiences with her versatile sound and emotional depth. Her music touches on personal experiences, from family and relationships to insecurities and platonic love. Noran’s unique ability to balance emotional intensity with lighthearted fun makes her a distinctive voice in the indie pop music scene.

In 2023, noran signed with Rexius Records, ready to share more of her authentic sound with the world. Don’t miss the release of “Happily Ever After” on May 31st, and immerse yourself in its cathartic sound.

Artwork: Simon Renström

Photo: Omar Aly