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Rexius Records

New Jersey, USA



noran – Crafting the Soundtrack of Life
A Captivating Blend of Vulnerability, Love, and Fun in Pop Music
noran is an Egyptian-American pop artist who creates music that sparks healing and connection. Inspired by artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Harry Styles, her heartfelt lyrics touch deeply personal aspects of her life, offering solace to anyone who can relate.

“I find that sharing music and being vulnerable with the world is the ultimate healing method,” noran relays. Her confessional lyrics delve into topics like family, failed relationships, platonic love, and insecurities. She also strives to find a healthy balance between emotional depth and lighthearted fun, seeking to portray the human experience with all its ups and downs, “There’s a stigma that art always needs to be super serious and complex. I believe that sometimes art can just be fun.”

A precocious musical talent, noran’s love of singing started at the age of two. She gave her first live shows in her family’s living room, singing Arabic songs to her immigrant parents. She wrote her first original song at 9 years old, as a birthday present to her father.

After graduating high school, noran decided to chase her childhood dream of becoming a pop star, teaching herself the intricacies of the craft and finding an authentic sound through her self-produced tracks.

Since her debut in 2019, noran has released various singles and an EP. In 2023, she signed with Rexius Records, looking to continue sharing her light with others.


“Happily Ever After” – When Dreams Fall Apart

Release Date: May 31, 2024