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Alexander Kazakov

Alexander Kazakov


Rexius Records

Mannheim, Germany

Alexander Kazakov


Alexander Kazakov – Weaving Tales of Love and Life into the Soul of R&B
A Passionate Emerging Singer-Songwriter
Alexander Kazakov is a Ukrainian, Germany-based R&B artist who imbibes every note he sings with deep passion. Inspired by artists like Mario and John Legend, Alexander’s music touches on personal subjects like love, relationships, sex, and life with an authentic and heartfelt blend of R&B, neo soul, and pop.

Alexander is a man of many talents; he’s a skillful dancer, singer, and songwriter. His passion for music started from a very young age when he began performing in choirs as a child. He dedicated several years to his choral practice and then sung in various bands, gradually refining his singing skills as he matured and grew.

After a hiatus due to the weight of his responsibilities as a teacher, dancer, and dance instructor, Alexander reencountered his love for singing as an adult, kickstarting a solo career that has continued to grow nonstop. He unveiled his talent as a songwriter with his debut single “We Are the Stars” and hasn’t stopped writing ever since.

As a songwriter, Alexander is passionate about love and sex; he loves writing about relationships. His real-life experiences have served as great inspirations for many of his soulful compositions.

Since his 2021 debut, Alexander Kazakov has captivated listeners with his emotional storytelling and vocal prowess. In 2023, he took a step forward in his artistic journey, as he teamed up with Rexius Records, ready to continue sharing his versatility and authentic storytelling with the world.


Always You

Release Date: May 24, 2024