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Truth Untold (Redvess Remix)

A fusion of worlds

Swedish EDM producer Redvess (a.k.a. Richard Edman) pairs up with Belgian bedroom pop artist Ben Wolf to release the remix of “Truth Untold”, the latter’s sincere and heartfelt song about a painful breakup. With an energetic reinterpretation of the cathartic song, the remix’s sound can be reminiscent of the style of artists like Avicii and Topic.

“This remix started with the melodic guitar Ben has in the original”, Redvess explains. The track’s development went through different phases to get to a sound that aligned well with the producer’s style. “The original idea was that I wanted to try Deep house a bit more, but it didn’t feel exactly right to go that route, so Instead I tried to combine my signature sound with a melancholic darker style, and it worked out pretty well”.

The mixture of sounds shapes an interesting energy that fuses the best of both artists, which Redvess describes well, “I experimented with Ben’s incredible vocals and combined them with my EDM style, which resulted in a bit of a dark style”. The remix was produced by Redvess in Karlstad and Norway in 2022.

2020 was a decisive year for Redvess. “When Corona came, I got all the time in the world to make music.” He debuted with “Thinking About You” in the spring, followed by “Gemini” (his most popular single to date). 

The Karlstad-based EDM producer got signed to Rexius Records that year, releasing three singles with the label in 2022. He’s now preparing for the release of the remix of “Truth Untold” on March 31st.

Cover art by: Photo: David Simoens, Artist: Elianne Dewulf

Press Photos by: Mathias Gonzalez