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Stronger Now

Ready to let go

Swedish pop duo Maklo & Peter sing about the end of a toxic relationship in “Stronger Now”, a catchy anthem with a sound that can remind you of artists like OneRepublic and the great synergy of duos like Vargas & Lagola.

Reflecting on the song’s lyrics, the duo describes a cathartic feeling, “It’s all about leaving a toxic relationship behind. Learning something. Forgiving someone”. Inspired by the artists’ personal experiences, the song’s expressive sound reflects their close connection to the topic, “I think we both have experiences and a lot of anger and grief”.

“We just started jamming on it at a new years party”, after the spontaneous conception of the track in 2020, the duo decided to complete it in 2022 at an important location. “The recording and production was made in a kitchen that was symbolic to the topic. It’s a home of bad memories”.

Maklo & Peter released their first singles in 2021 and various more in 2022. They also signed with Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2022. They’re now preparing for the release of “Stronger Now” on march 31st.

Cover art by: Julia Sager

Press photos by: Julia Sager

Maklo & Peter