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It’s Time

The freedom to move on

Swedish singer/songwriter Shalisa Taylor bids farewell to a former lover in her new song “It’s Time”, an emotional track with a reflective guitar sound that reminds you of the intimate style of artists like Taylor Swift, Noah Cyrus and Lewis Capaldi.

“The song is about finally letting someone go, realizing that life goes on, and being okay with that”, Shalisa reflects, speaking on the song’s lyrics. “The storyline follows moments in time that once were all connected to that one person, but now are seen in a new light. How liberating and freeing that feeling of closure is”.

“My writing always stems from personal experiences or thoughts I have”, she reveals, as she reflects on the way her musical style has developed over the years. “I find myself writing about bigger topics than I did before. A little bit more personal, deeper and, maybe, a little bit more mature”.

Initially written as a final writing assignment for her masters in songwriting at the UK’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, “It’s Time” was produced with the assistance of Fabian Santacruz, her producer and friend.

Shalisa Taylor’s 2017 debut release, “Fight”, got to top 10 on Swedish radio station P3, playing on their program for unsigned talents for several weeks.

She signed with Rexius Records later that year, releasing several singles and an EP with the label. She’s currently preparing for the release of “It’s Time” on March 31st.

Cover art photo by: Alec Taylor

Press Photos by : Alec Taylor

Shalisa Taylor