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Suicide Mission

On the prisons of society

Canadian pop artist Phia sings about the toxicity of social pressure in her new single “Suicide Mission”, a powerful and expressive song with a sound that draws inspiration from artists like Billie Eilish, Melanie Martinez, Ellie Goulding and Tate McRae.

“Suicide Mission is about the social pressure to look a certain way”, Phia reflects, describing her inspiration for the track. “I got inspired because most females, including myself, feel pressured to be the ideal image of a model”.

The experiences of the people close to her also motivated Phia to write the song, “One of my friends, at the time, was anorexic, starting at the age of 12, because of this ideal body image of how a girl should look”.

In addition to her own views, she also chose to give the song a more universal perspective, as she mentions, “I wanted this song to not be gestured towards women, as men can have social pressures too”.

Recorded at Vancouver Island’s DreamHouse Studio in Canada in 2022, Phia enlisted the help of producer Dan Scholes, who was also one of the song’s co-writers along with Jody Stewart-Regner.

In 2022, Phia released her debut single “Stupid For You”, which reached over 50K streams in the first few months after its release, reaching the top 10 on iHeartRadio’s aBreak music chart as well. In that same year, she signed with Rexius Records. She’s now preparing for the release of “Suicide Mission” on April 14th.

Cover art by: Captured by Carol Photography – Jonah Regner VFX

Press photos by: Captured by Carol Photography