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On the inevitable fall

Swedish indie rock band Lyrika reflects on the arrogance of human beings and their downfall in their new single “Indestructible”, an energetic song with a sound that can remind you of bands like Mando Diao, Metric and The National.

Discussing the song’s lyrics, the band confesses, “It’s about the fact that no matter how invincible, strong and on top of the world you might think you are, you are going down one day. And you are going down hard”. 

The lyrics, as they relay, can also speak about arrogance in many ways, “This could be applied to powerful scruple-free politicians or your neighbor behaving like he owns the world, using the planet’s limited resources like there’s no tomorrow”.

“A lot of inspiration [for the song] comes from the books of Murakami”, they confess, while also speaking about the reintroduction of one of the band’s most important thematic concepts, their idea of a “man without a name”, a character they use to project multiple scenarios on it.

Recorded in Karlstad’s ES studios in 2022, the band enlisted the help of producer Kristofer Strandberg for the project. 

Lyrika released several LPs and singles since their debut in 2015. In 2022 they released their self-titled LP, “Lyrika” and soon after signed with Gothenburg-based Rexius Records. They’re now preparing for the release of “Indestructible” on March 24th.

Cover art by: Clara Rollny

Press photos by: Ole Dohrmann