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I Am

Jamaican born, Panama raised and London residing, REGALJASON returns after the
release of “Ascend” with new single “I AM” another anthemic pop track powered by
positive affirmations.

Opening the track soft synth pads turn to rumbling bass lines accompanied by
poignant percussion and Regal’s signature strong and full-bodied vocals. Unlike on
the rising newcomer’s last release, “Ascend”, Regal makes the stylistic decision to dial
back the complexity of the instrumental arrangement and vocal acrobatics to let the
moving lyrics of “I AM” take centre stage. REGAL releases this single alongside a raw
and intimate DIY style lyric video. On this he says “Oftentimes lyrics are of secondary
importance to an audience, but the true power of this song is felt when a listener sings
along. Visually, I wanted to take the viewer into my creative process. The lyric video
is a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes of the glossy fashion editorial style
images I regularly post online. Just me in my self-styled outfits, dancing around in an
empty studio. Creating has always been a very lonely process for me, the very process

that often leads me into the state of self-doubt I found myself in when I wrote the song.
I wanted the empty white walls of the studio to echo that emotion.”
On the meaning behind the track REGAL tells us: “Similarly to how I developed the
lore behind my artistic persona; REGALJASON, I wrote “I AM” in a time where
I needed to continually remind myself of my worth, my birth right, and my dream. It is
a daily affirmation meant to remind whoever sings along that everything we need to
succeed we already have within us. The lyrics “I am the best thing that ever happened
to me” are hard to sing when you don’t feel that way inside. To sing along is to
challenge yourself to believe in yourself fully despite our insecurities and those fed to
us by the societies we participate in. Self-love is the ultimate power, but with this love
comes discipline, diligence, and other battles. “I AM” is both a love letter and a battle

REGALJASON began writing songs at the tender age of six after being fascinated by
the many cultures he absorbed growing up. After achieving a bachelor’s degree at the
age of nineteen, REGAL made Los Angeles his base for a year, spending sleepless
nights in studios, and throwing small shows in his apartment before garnering enough
attention to release his first single, “Buzzed Love”. Later he moved to London, where
he continued song writing and performing both locally and internationally. With his
debut EP MEGAFAUNA, released in 2022 REGALJASON has already gained support
MAGAZINE. With the stunning release of “I AM” REGAL is on an upward trajectory,
carving his own lane in the Alt-Pop world.

Cover art by: Vladimir Batista