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One Day I’ll Rise Up

Hope beyond adversity

Swedish singer/songwriter Princis releases “One Day I’ll Rise Up”, the English version of his 2022 single “Jag kommer flyga”. The emotional song, which talks about his dream of succeeding as an artist, develops an intimate sound that can remind you of the style of artists like Jack Johnson.

Princis describes the song as “The longing to live my life as an artist”, portraying the doubts and struggles in his 8-year journey as a musician. The song also reflects his powerful drive to succeed, as he relays, “I’ve gotta stay true to myself, (. . .) with the hope that “One Day I’ll Rise Up” to be the artist I dream”.

Recorded in his home studio in Gotland and Newground Studios in Visby, Princis enlisted the help of various friends with the recording and production of the track, such as Sebastian Brydniak with the drums, Simon Östergren as drum recording technician, Erik Johansson with the bass, Henrik Thomsson with the electric guitar, Rune Gardell with the electric piano, Ewelina Westin and Sara Grafström with the vocal harmonies.

Princis has been selected twice for P4 Nästa, in 2016 with his debut song, “Life (Just Not Dying)” and in 2020 with his single “What’s the hurry?”. His debut album, “Jag Duger” was released in 2018, followed by several singles and two more albums in 2021 and 2022.

The singer got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021. He’s now preparing for the release of “One Day I’ll Rise Up” on March 31st.

Photo by: Mathilda Lavergren