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On the nameless man

Rexius Records



Swedish indie rock band Lyrika creates a sound that blends the desire to have fun with the importance of a reflective mind. Inspired by bands like The Killers and Arcade Fire, the band’s mature lyrics are always enriched by their great energy and love for music.

Started in 2015 by three medical doctors who shared a common working place and their taste in music, Lyrika’s sound reflects an interesting synergy between its members and their ability to integrate each other’s ideas.

Adding a fourth member in 2019, the band’s sound has managed to develop while maintaining its roots. Their musical style, described by band members as a combination of “strong melodies together with slightly rough arrangements, fine and unique harmonies”, is also combined with “rather dystopian lyrics”.

A common factor within their lyrics is the “man without a name”, which the members describe as “a strange character living isolated in an apartment”, becoming a sort of canvas to convey a broad range of topics, such as “depression, psychosis, losing friends, alienation but also climate change, war and the modern human’s constant hunt for happiness, success and money”.

Lyrika released several LPs and singles since their debut in 2015. Soon after releasing their self-titled LP, “Lyrika” in 2022, they signed with Gothenburg based Rexius Records, kickstarting an exciting partnership.



Release Date: March 24, 2023