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Finn McGowan

Finn McGowan


Sad boi pop

Rexius Records


Finn McGowan


UK pop artist Finn McGowan has developed an artistry that blossoms from the certainty of the need to express his inner self through music. His style, which displays a similar sensitivity and versatility to the likes of Sam Smith and James Arthur, grows from the stem of his emotional sincerity.

“a lot of my music is about being honest with myself”, confesses Finn, reflecting on a path that has led him to write on a vast range of topics, “More recently I’ve been writing about social and political issues”.

But his first motivator to write music, something he has done quite organically throughout his career, are his own thoughts and emotions, “Although I now write about a wide variety of topics, mental health is always something I come back to”.

With an initial spark that came from a singing competition at his school, Finn’s creativity would continue to grow ceaselessly. Between 2021 and 2022 he would release several singles and his EP “If You’re Reading This I’m Already Dead”.

In 2022 Finn McGowan signed with Rexius Records, continuing his path of artistic growth.


Don’t Blame Us

Release Date: March 3, 2023