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Don’t Blame Us

The exhaustion of impending doom

UK pop artist Finn McGowan sings about the harshest truths in “Don’t Blame Us”, a powerful song about the climate crisis. With an expressive vocal performance that brings to mind the sound of Lewis Capaldi or James Arthur, the song’s reflective and emotional style brings forth memories of Sam Smith’s “To Die For”.

“The fact we probably don’t have a lot of time left on this planet is terrifying”, confesses Finn, conveying an understandable frustration that also infuses the lyrics. “I wanted to approach this from the angle of someone who was tired of everything, someone who had given everything and still felt it was not enough”.

Behind his motivation to choose this topic, he also reveals a connection to the pains of his generation and a strong sense of responsibility. “younger generations are left to try and repair a planet we didn’t break in the first place”, “it’s (also) important to give issues like this exposure inside artistic media”.

Between 2021 and 2022 Finn McGowan released several singles and his EP “If You’re Reading This I’m Already Dead”. In 2022 he signed with Rexius Records, he’s now preparing for the release of “Don’t Blame Us” on March 3rd.

Photo: Matt Evans

Finn McGowan