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Over The Wall

Struggling to let go

Swedish rap artist Xersize details the pains of a dysfunctional relationship in his new release, “Over The Wall”, a song that can draw parallelisms to the styles of artists like Eminem and Mick Jenkins.

“We’ve all been there; we’ve all been blinded by love”, confesses Xersize, reflecting on the song’s lyrics, which speak about the vicious circle behind a relationship that isn’t working but is too hard to let go.

But beyond an individual relationship or experience, “Over The Wall” wishes to portray a universal feeling of inadequacy and pain that occurs in relationships that were bound to end long ago. A feeling Xersize understands well, “I’ve been in long-term relationships that I should have ended much earlier than I did”.

Exploring a new sound that is heavily influenced by jazz and blues, “Over The Wall”, was recorded with the assistance of producer Robinholta, a long time collaborator of the artist. The song also features singer Maria Hajto, who provided a female perspective to the duality of the lyrics.

Xersize’s debut album “Xersize” was released in 2019, followed by his second album “Välkommen Hem” in 2020. He released several singles in 2022, after signing with Gothenburg-Rexius Records in 2021. He’s now preparing for the release of “Over The Wall”, on March 10th.

Banner press photo: Daniel Wahlström