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EDM, House

Party Beats for Thrill Seekers

Rexius Records

Karlstad, Sweden



Swedish EDM producer Redvess (a.k.a. Richard Edman) makes straightforward beats full of energy that remind you of Avicii or Jonas Aden. Music for festivals, exciting rides, or power workouts, currently made in collaboration with producers like Jonathan Thorpenberg (frontman to The Unguided).

Redvess has had an interest in musical instruments since childhood. But he got fully engaged when EDM songs by musicians like Avicii and Alesso became massive hits.

“I got totally hooked on the world of house music. It took me a few years, but then a friend and I decided to give it a try.” They bought some production gear in 2018. Richard kept at it ever since, even after his friend got into other hobbies.

2020 was a decisive year for Redvess. “When Corona came, I got all the time in the world to make music.” He debuted with “Thinking About You” in the spring, followed by “Gemini” (his most popular single to date).

His sound has been evolving from tropical house to more pop-influenced themes, with heavier basslines still inspired by the icons of Scandinavian EDM.

The Karlstad-based EDM producer got signed to Rexius Records that year and is now preparing for the release of “Honey” in February.


“The Journey” by Redvess and Tony Fuhrious

Release Date: April 28, 2023