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“The Journey” by Redvess and Tony Fuhrious

About the Joys and Struggles of Relationships

EDM producer Redvess and Swedish pop artist Tony Fuhrious are set to release their collaborative single “The Journey” on April 28th, 2023. The track speaks about the ups and downs of a relationship and the significance of strong emotional connections.

“This song is a journey in every sense of the word, a journey of sound and emotion that will leave a lasting impression,” says Redvess. Tropical and poppy style, with house influenced basslines and a melodic drop. Combining Redvess’s signature EDM style and Tony Fuhrious’s soulful and raspy voice, this collaboration is sure to make an impact on your playlist.

Inspired by personal experiences, Tony Fuhrious shared, “I want to express the idea that even though relationships can be challenging, the memories we create with our loved ones are worth holding on to.”

“The Journey” represents a departure to Redvess’ previous works, leaning more into a tropical house style. ”I wanted to try something a bit more tropical and pop-style, but with a Kygo, Avicii influenced drop.” 

Tony Fuhrious released his first EP “Goodbye” in 2021. He signed with Rexius Records in 2022, releasing several singles with the label since then.

Redvess debuted with “Thinking About You” in 2020, followed by “Gemini” (his most popular single to date). He also signed with Rexius Records that year, releasing three singles with the label in 2022 and one more in 2023. 

Don’t miss “The Journey” by Redvess and Tony Fuhrious, releasing April 28th on all platforms.

Artwork by: Richard Edman