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Good Vibes?

Latin-Inspired Beats and Thought-Provoking Lyrics

Swedish pop artist Kimberly Polanco is set to release her latest single, “Good Vibes?” on May 19th. The song’s lyrics are inspired by the universal feelings of crisis in our time, and Kimberly’s experiences with the people close to her.

“Good Vibes?” invites listeners to question where the love and good vibes have gone, exploring the pain of lost humanity and the need to fight for a better world. The lyrics express Kimberly’s frustration with people who refuse to acknowledge new perspectives and instead blame others for their own shortcomings. She challenges listeners to hold themselves accountable and be the change they want to see in the world.

The song was produced by Saltforest (Björn Saltskog) and recorded in Gothenburg in December 2022 at Stigbergsstudion. It features Spanish lyrics and a Latin feel that departs from the pop sounds of Kimberly’s previous work while maintaining her honest and spontaneous approach to songwriting.

Kimberly Polanco’s music is deeply personal, drawing inspiration from her family and emotions. Influenced by Kehlani, Paloma Mami, and Camila Cabello, her songs offer a unique blend of pop and Latin influences. With “Good Vibes?” Kimberly continues to honor her roots while exploring new sounds and themes.

Fans can listen to “Good Vibes?” on all major streaming platforms starting May 19th, 2023.

Artwork by: Simon Renström.

Photo by: Sean Wesselingh.

Kimberly Polanco