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Kimberly Polanco

Kimberly Polanco

Pop, R&B

Singing the Pain Away

Rexius Records

Göteborg, Sweden

Kimberly Polanco


Kimberly Polanco
Honoring the heart and its roots
Swedish pop artist Kimberly Polanco’s music has deep connections to her family and her deepest emotions. Inspired by artists like Kehlani, Paloma Mami and Camila Cabello, Kimberly’s love for music goes back to her childhood.

Speaking about the subject, she relays how that early love was nurtured by her family and a special bond with her Chilean mother, “(I) Watched my mother sing and my sisters playing the piano while growing up, I started to sing together with my mother.”

Kimberly’s artistic tendencies were also revealed early on, developing a deep connection between emotions and music. “From a very early age I started to write down my feelings in my diary. Melodies just always popped up while writing.” This organic artistic process has grown to shape her current works. “my creative process starts with a feeling and words just come out with a melody.”

Kimberly Polanco signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021, she released her debut single “Nothing Left To Feel” later that year, followed by “Fairytale” in 2022.


“sync” – When the Universe’s Got Your Back

Release Date: August 23, 2024