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From his childhood years as a homemade Justin Timberlake impersonator to an ascending music career, FABIAN has created an upbeat pop sound inspired by figures like Dua Lipa and icons of Swedish songwriting like Denniz Pop and Max Martin. Something about his stylish aesthetics and neo-disco nightclub vibes might remind you of Stockholm stars like Benjamin Ingrosso and Felix Sandman.

FABIAN was born and raised in Södermalm, one of the most creative and culturally radiant areas of Stockholm. After an upbringing surrounded by the pop icons he saw on MTV, he started writing and producing songs in seventh grade. He started attending Kulturama soon after that, a renowned arts high school that has educated Swedish musicians like Rhys.

He has continued to develop his skills as a singer-songwriter and producer ever since, both through live performances in different line-ups and training at a higher education level. His current sound is a result of these experiences combined with his easy-going personality: “I believe in simple, ear-friendly pop music that focuses on catchy melodies, rather than excessively deep messages”, he explains.

FABIAN got signed to Rexius Records in 2020 and is currently preparing for the release of “the distance”, a song with a touch of nu-disco depicting distance relationships in a year when we couldn’t take traveling for granted. The single will be available in May 2021.


the distance

Release Date: May 7, 2021