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Time’s Up (feat. Sanna Martinez)

Time’s Up (feat. Sanna Martinez)

A wise person once said love is never easy — and as anyone who’s been commited to another person will tell you, neither is the end of love. Over the dreamy landscape of 80s analog synthesizer combined with a hard electronic dance beat produced by debutante producer-duo Matobi, Sanna Martinez tells the story from her perspective.

While the topic is far from previously untouched, the hard electronic elements mixed with a wide range of influences from popular music to modern hip-hop and almost rock-style acoustic drums in combination with Sanna’s vulnerable, intimate vocal performance almost reminiscent of Billie Eilish — we’re left with a work that feels both unique and universal.

Expressing the mixed emotion of the sudden end of a relationship, and the disappointment of realising the other person doesn’t really care any more over an energetic and unapologetic beat, creates a feeling of power rather than sadness in admitting to yourself that it’s over rather. In the end you have to focus on the things you left with, rather than the things you’re left without.

Sanna Martinez has apart from her own solo career with releases such as So Low Solo, Golden Rule & Liberate worked with EDM up-and-comer QUIX (Diplo, Steve Aoki, French Montana). Time’s Up is the first release from Matobi’s debut single on Primus Records, and releases October 25th worldwide.

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Heartbreaks & House Music

October 25, 2019