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EDM, Electronic, House

The Perfect House Party Companions

Rexius Records

Landskrona, Sweden



Matobi is a DJ/producer duo from a small Swedish town, with the unpretentious goal of making music to kick-start your house party. Or maybe just as a nice background to your daily commutes or gaming sessions. It doesn’t sound quite like club music, they explain, although they do draw inspiration from the EDM club scene (think Marshmello, Avicii, David Guetta, or Martin Garrix).

The beloved formula of the dynamic duo, from Mario & Luigi to Axwell & Ingrosso, resonated with Matobi. It wasn’t a calculated career strategy, but rather a consequence of their shared views on life: “We were both kind of whimsical back in the day. By sharing a similar way of thinking that stands out from what is seen as “normal”, we had a hard time being accepted in school.”

At school, Tobias got interested in the guitar, while Mattias liked the piano. They met through a common friend and started their musical journey soon after. “We were heavily influenced by Avicii, producing a lot of stuff in the same genre”, they explain.

“Then when we reached a certain point we started to experiment with other sounds, rhythms, and ways of arranging our tracks to develop a more unique sound.”

The result is a very Swedish down-to-earth approach to songwriting and production. But they aren’t afraid to do some playful exploration beyond what you would expect of club-influenced music.

Matobi signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2019. Their first release with the label was the upbeat single “Time’s Up”, with pop hit-maker Sanna Martinez as a topliner.

Their party-friendly sound earned them a feature on blogs like Caesar Live n Loud and Triple HQ. The duo is now preparing for the release of their new single “What a Time” in August 2021.


“Back To You” – Memories of a Summer Love

Release Date: September 15, 2023