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“Back To You” – Memories of a Summer Love

Matobi and Christine Ekeberg’s Evocative Collaboration

Swedish EDM duo Matobi is poised to release their new single, “Back To You,” on September 15th. Featuring the soulful vocals of Norwegian sensation, Christine Ekeberg, the track echoes the expressive depth of EDM artists like Kygo and Marshmello.

Recorded in 2022 and produced by the duo, “Back To You” beautifully steps on the delicate territory of nostalgia. The song’s expressive, melancholic, and intensely visual lyrics speak to listeners who’ve known the sting of summer memories fading in the cooling breeze of autumn.

“Back To You” revolves around the yearning for a summer fling that is now gone, looking back on the good times and the unexpected ending of the relationship. The song is inspired by personal experiences and the duo’s observations on the love life of young Scandinavians.

After gaining attention on platforms such as Caesar Live N Loud and Triple HQ, Matobi’s party anthems have continued to captivate audiences. Reflecting their personal and artistic growth, “Back To You” explores a more nostalgic, expressive side of the duo, crowned by the beautiful performance of Christine Ekeberg.

In 2019 Matobi signed with Rexius Records, a partnership that saw the release of their instant classics “Time’s Up,” and “What A Time.”

Artwork: Mattias Lindahl & Tobias Nilsson, Photo: Hampus Persson & Christine Ekeberg