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“Common Sense”: Levi’s Reflections on Loneliness & Rediscovery

A guitar-driven tale of crisis and catharsis

Canadian indie rock artist Levi is set to unveil his latest single, “Common Sense,” on September 15th. This evocative, guitar-driven track delves deep into personal reflection and realization. With sounds reminiscent of iconic bands like The Strokes and Foals, Levi’s mesmerizing riffs are set to transport listeners into the psyche of someone undergoing a life crisis.

Produced in his personal studio in 2023, “Common Sense” portrays the relentless thoughts of an individual trapped in loneliness. The track’s mesmerizing guitar riffs converge into a cathartic chorus, where the protagonist uncovers the root of his turmoil: the loss of common sense.

Inspired by the story of one of his father’s co-workers, “Common Sense” showcases Levi’s deep connection to personal stories and his love for experimenting with sounds. The track was self-produced by Levi and mastered by Antoine Gallois.

For Levi, making music is a form of therapy. His tracks offer listeners an authentic blend of introspective lyrics coupled with versatile instrumentals, encapsulating a journey of growth, self-awareness, and healing.

Levi released his exciting debut album “Seasons” in 2022. In 2023, he signed with Rexius Records to continue his musical journey. Don’t miss out on the release of Levi’s latest indie rock gem, “Common Sense” on September 15th.

Artwork and photo by: Maureen Rouge