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Let Me

Let Me

Swedish DJ/producer Bonalt’s debut single “Let Me” combines the melodic brilliance of his native country’s EDM school with heart-warming, easygoing lyrics interpreted by J-pop hitmaker Ernest Noah. An approach that brings the figure of the DJ closer to a kind-hearted boy next door, with a top-notch production that could remind you of Sugar Blizz or Tape Machines.

The upbeat EDM sound of “Let Me” features strong dance-pop influences and clever use of simplicity, both in melody and lyrics. Ernest Noah’s vocals evoke comforting, optimistic love: Dance music for the heart.

Bonalt is a promising example of the “Swedish Pop Wonder”: A music-loving boy transformed into a skillful producer through the country’s educational system. His personal sound conveys a sense of belonging: “Now I feel like I can create music that describes my whole musical history. A sort of tribute to all the artists that contributed to my development.”

He was in the minds of prominent EDM influencers even before releasing his solo debut. After graduating from music high school in Malmö, he became part of a DJ/producer duo that grew into a SoundCloud sensation with their breakthrough remix of Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers” in 2017.

The success didn’t stop there: Their original song “Blessing” was featured on Spotify Editorial playlists the likes of “New Music Friday Denmark”, “Tropisk House”, “Tropical Vibes”, and the highly influential “Pop Right Now”.

Swedish topliner Ernest Noah has earned a reputation as a top-of-the-charts songwriter for Japanese pop bands like Sexy Zone. His breakthrough debut album “Gold” earned him features on, among others, the Caribbean Broadcast Network and prominent Swedish blog Popmuzik.

After signing to Rexius Records in 2017 and a creative hiatus the following year, Bonalt has returned with full force. We’ll hear more from him on November 15th, marking the release of his debut solo single “Let Me”.

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Beats for the Kind-hearted

November 15, 2019