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One Light

One Light

Swedish pop-rock quintet One Light introduces us to their personal nuances of rain-or-shine stadium sound in the form of a monumental self-titled debut album. Combining the beloved formula of five-part earworm singalongs with top-notch production, the album feels like a synthesis of classic 2000s rock the likes of Kings of Leon and a more modern approach with hints of NEEDTOBREATHE.

This unassuming formula has resonated among rock fans, as demonstrated through the wave of positive blog reactions to their previous releases. Their debut single “Edge of a Knife” earned them a feature on outlets such as renowned Swedish blog POPMUZIK and Music Injection from Australia.

With their unmistakable pop energy, tracks like “Edge of a Knife” or “Run” would be a perfect soundtrack to massive crowd sing-alongs: This is a band best experienced live. The five-part vocal hooks and the skillful production by Alexander Asp contribute to this imposing atmosphere.

Not every track on the selection seems to evoke epic resilience: Songs like “Don’t Let Go” break the mold by drawing inspiration from 50s rock and roll choruses. “Front Porch” on the other hand, might transport us to the early 90s sound of rock love ballads, with one of the most touching lyrics of the album.

This emotional narrative draws One Light closer to Swedish pop artists like Thomas Stenström. It’s no coincidence that the band was recently chosen as a support act for the singer.

Formed in the city of Helsingborg, a southern town advertised as “The friendliest city in Sweden”, One Light is an homage to the elements that made arena rock bands like Coldplay or U2 famous. But beyond stadium conventions, the band’s top-notch Swedish approach to production throws a modern spell into the mix.

One Light signed to Rexius Records in the summer of 2018. The band is now preparing for the release of their self-titled album on November 22nd.

📷 Therese Bruno Romell

Hopeful Sparks of Arena Rock

November 22, 2019