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the distance

the distance

In a year when we could no longer take traveling for granted, Swedish singer-songwriter FABIAN had to move away from his girlfriend for a while. The feelings of impatience and longing inspired him to write “the distance”, an upbeat pop anthem with nu-disco vibes. The song’s unpretentious nightclub sound with unforgettable melodies brings associations to Eurovision artists like Benjamin Ingrosso.

“The lyrics depict our struggle with the separation and the change of circumstances that flipped a lot of things we took for granted on its head”, the Stockholm-based artist explains.

There is a liberating feel to the chorus, almost inviting the lovers to leave everything behind and finally see each other: “A lot of the time I just wanted to skip work and catch the first possible train so that we at least could spend the night together – but I never had the courage to do it”, he continues.

The single marks a renewal in the artist’s style, with a more streamlined persona and image. The instantly danceable vibes were crafted alongside songwriter/producer Jonathan Thorpenberg, also known as The Unguided’s frontman.

“the distance” will be available in May 2021, to be released under Gothenburg-based indie label Rexius Records.

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