Tumbling Down

A Playful Love Loop

Shalisa Taylor’s new single tells the story of a playful off-and-on relationship. Setting aside the pop beats from her recent singles, “Tumbling Down” is as soul as it comes. Cheeky basslines and a mid-tempo acoustic band serve as the soundtrack to this love loop. Figures like Norah Jones have been an inspiration for Taylor’s mellow vocal performance. 

“The storyline is based on this person that you know deep down is no good.”, Taylor explains. “But the excitement that they bring drags you back to them, over and over.”

Unlike more soul-influenced artists like Melody Gardot, Shalisa Taylor’s sound is still pop. Her songwriting process reflects this: The catchy, bouncy melody of the chorus came first. “I wanted the song to have a cheeky and playful tone and tried to play with opposites throughout.”, she tells us. 

The song was produced by Fabian Santacruz, Taylor’s steady collaborator for several years. Her acoustic pop sound has evolved throughout their work together on her first EP, and recent singles like “Right” and “One”. These two songs earned Taylor a feature on renowned Swedish blog Popmuzik and Portuguese outlet Caesar Live N Loud, among others.

In 2017, her song “Fight” debuted on Swedish radio station P3. The single featured on their program for unsigned talents for several weeks. This captured the attention of Gothenburg-based Rexius Records, which has been her label ever since. 

Shalisa Taylor is currently preparing for the release of “Tumbling Down” in May. The song is part of a series of singles with a similar aesthetic approach.

Shalisa Taylor

With her mellow, silky voice and a songwriting style based on introspective impressions rather than linear stories, Swedish singer/songwriter Shalisa Taylor brings a fresh approach to the vocal-based musical lineage known from artists like Norah Jones and Adele.

Born to a musical family, Taylor’s characteristic voice and stage presence were honed through her years as a member of choirs, musicals and other ensembles. Parallel to this training, she developed an inclination for writing that resulted in a creative process where songs usually originate as written words. The final sound is often influenced by the piano, her main songwriting tool.

But however word-oriented her creations might be, her approach is by no means narrative: Her lyrics are “more about thoughts and feelings I have, rather than events with a concrete storyline”, as she explains. This provides her music with an intimate atmosphere where the text acts as a complimentary color to a soothing morning palette.

Taylor’s sound has definite hints of soul, but it also evokes a soft spot between the sophisticated style of artists like Sam Smith and the outlook on youthful love by Scandinavian singers such as Sigrid or Miriam Bryant. Add her personal view on what could be described as “introverted Nordic nostalgic”, and you got the perfect soundtrack for an early autumn promenade.

Shalisa Taylor’s debut as a solo artist with the release of “Fight” in 2017 got to top 10 on Swedish radio station P3, playing on their program for unsigned talents for several weeks.

She got signed to Rexius Records later that year, releasing her single “Yours to Keep” and a self-titled EP soon after. Her music has been featured on Spotify’s Evening Commute playlist and blogs the likes of Popmuzik (Sweden) and Caesar Live N Loud (Portugal).

Taylor is currently preparing for the release of “Tumbling Down” in May, part of a series of singles with a similar aesthetic approach.