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Nothing Left To Feel

A Diary of Raw Feelings

The debut single of Swedish pop artist Kimberly Polanco is an autobiography of difficult feelings with a halo of strength. The song was written in collaboration with producer Jonathan Thorpenberg (The Unguided). “Nothing Left to Feel” has a marked R&B vibe with a vocal presence inspired by figures like Kehlani. But the song’s dark tones of resiliency remind you of Bebe Rexha.     

Polanco had been writing songs from a young age, transforming her feelings into the rough draft of a melody in the evenings. When her sister passed away, she decided to make these sketches into a finished song. It was then she came into contact with Rexius Records, getting signed by the label in 2020. 

“Dark and difficult times are normal in life, but getting stuck in them is not worth it.”, Polanco explains. “Even if it feels empty and you have “nothing left to feel”, there’s not much left to do but look ahead and keep on with your journey until it’s over one day.” 

Kimberly Polanco fell in love with music through her Chilean mother. Having participated in contests in her home country, she taught Polanco the foundations of vocal technique. “Nothing Left to Feel” will be released on May 28th.

Photo by Yasamin Zeinali, cover art by Tanja Berkö.

Kimberly Polanco