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“Someone Like You”: Celebrating Love’s Magic

LAKRITS’s Ode to Unexpected Romance

Swedish-based pop artist LAKRITS sings about breathtaking love in “Someone Like You,” his latest electro-pop anthem set to drop on September 29th. Bursting with effervescent rhythms reminiscent of global hits like Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” and Clean Bandit’s “Rockabye,” this track is an exuberant homage to the serendipity of finding a special someone.

Co-written and performed by LAKRITS and his partner, Lovisa Ericson, the song reflects the sheer joy of stumbling upon an unexpected romance that celebrates every quirk and imperfection. Recorded in 2023, the song was birthed in LAKRITS’s bedroom, starting with just vocals and a guitar and eventually growing into a groovy beat that celebrates love’s magic.

LAKRITS has found music as a way to awaken an important part of himself. Feeding from many genres and finding ways to find a groovy sound that reflects the most authentic and free parts of himself, his songs are reflections of his inner thoughts and emotions.

From his 2021 debut single “Momentarily Free” to signing with Gothenburg’s Rexius Records in 2022, LAKRITS’s journey has brought some exciting and captivating tunes. Don’t miss the vibrant release of “Someone Like You” on September 29th.

Artwork & photo: Levon Shaya