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“Titta inte ner”: loven’s Intimate Tale of Perseverance Amidst Despair

A Song About Overcoming Dark Times Set to Drop on September 29th

Swedish indie pop artist loven is about to unveil his new intimate song: “Titta inte ner.” This expressive single offers a personal reflection on depression and the enduring hope of brighter days. Co-written and co-produced alongside his close friend, Swedish artist Höjby, the song emerged from a period of uncertainty and personal struggle for both of them in the heart of winter.

Crafted in a dorm room in Falun in 2022, “Titta inte ner” echoes the intimate sound of artists like Markus Krunegård, Lars Winnerbäck, and Håkan Hellström. The track was built on a beautiful guitar progression, around which Höjby effortlessly penned the chorus. 

With its heartwarming lyrics, “Titta inte ner” is not just a song; it’s a heartfelt reassurance of unwavering support during life’s darkest moments. The song reflects loven’s signature style, full of raw authenticity and emotional depth, echoing sentiments of personal experiences. His songs resonate with themes like love, depression, and self-exploration, offering solace for those navigating similar life experiences.

Loven’s music is a personal diary of his journey, his debut album “Tänk om” laid his first mark in the Swedish indie pop scene, and his 2023 partnership with Rexius Records is bound to give us more priceless gems in the future.

Mark your calendars: “Titta inte ner” is set to captivate audiences on September 29th.

Artwork & Photo: Leo Linder