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Swedish Pop

Open-hearted Introspection

Rexius Records

Stockholm, Sweden



A Sincere New Voice In Swedish Indie Pop
Loven is an up-and-coming indie pop artist from Sweden. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Markus Krunegård, Lars Winnerbäck, and Håkan Hellström, he creates music imbibed with raw authenticity and emotional depth. His sound is a reflection of personal experiences, woven into poignant tales of love, depression, and the struggle to find oneself amidst life’s trials.

Loven’s music serves as an intimate diary of his own personal journey. With his deeply personal lyrics, his songs reflect the artist’s quiet and introspective personality, looking to connect to others who find comfort in solitude or find themselves in inner turmoil.

Despite the personal nature of his music, his songs resonate with common themes of the human experience. Whether confronting feelings of inadequacy, exploring the complexities of love, or grappling with depression, his music offers solace for those navigating similar life experiences.

Loven released his debut album “Tänk om” in 2022. In 2023 he found a home with Rexius Records, a new chapter in his musical journey that promises more heartfelt and evocative music to come.


“Titta inte ner”: loven’s Intimate Tale of Perseverance Amidst Despair

Release Date: September 29, 2023