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Unrequited LoFi Love

The debut single of LoFi R&B duo Z.E.N.I.T.H narrates a two-chord unrequited romance. Their vocals float over a chill, slow-tempo beat, inspired by artists like Jorja Smith and their local inspiration Cherrie. At first listen, “Situation” tells the story of a relationship where one person gives more than the other. But as the Umeå-based duo explains, the lyrics are open for interpretation. 

“We all have our own ‘Situation’”, they explain. “You can relate to the song in many different ways. In our case, the song is about unrequited love.”, they continue. “You deserve someone that gives their all, not just when it’s convenient for them.”

“Situation” was the first song Tilda Sundell and Emma Eriksson wrote together after starting their duo in high school. The first version was made in Sundell’s room over a year ago. “We wanted to keep it simple. Just two chords.”, they tell us. 

The single was later produced by Henrik Tran, better known for his work as a pop producer for artists like Sanna Martinez. 

Sundell and Eriksson both started making music at the age of six. While in music high school, they learned to play several instruments as well as music production. They have developed their sound together ever since. Z.E.N.I.T.H got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in January 2021 and are preparing for the release of “Situation” in October.

Cover by Tanja Berkö, photo by Isabelle Jonsson