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In the Beat of Heartbreak

Rexius Records

Umeå, Sweden



Swedish R&B/Neo Soul duo Z.E.N.I.T.H is made up of Tilda Sundell and Emma Eriksson. Their lyrical approach is like a diary that’s open for interpretation: Poetry rather than see-through stories. Their smooth, slow-tempo sound is inspired by artists like Jorja Smith and Cherrie. The Umeå-based duo wants to convey that you don’t always need a pop ballad to sing heartbreak away. A strong beat is just as powerful.

Sundell and Eriksson had a very similar connection to music while growing up. They both started at the age of six, but Tilda’s first contact with music was a keyboard she got as a family present. Emma started her music life by singing in a choir, teaching herself to play the keyboard at twelve.

Both women went to music high school, learning other instruments and music production. They have developed their sound together ever since. Z.E.N.I.T.H got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in January 2021.

📷 Isabelle Jonsson, edit Tanja Berkö



Release Date: October 15, 2021