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Lina Melander

Lina Melander

Americana, Pop

Rootsy americana pop hailing from the vast plains of the north to the rocky landscapes of the west

Rexius Records

Göteborg, Sweden

Lina Melander


Lina Melander, the Gothenburg-based artist who found her genuine and personal expression in the Swedish north. Born and raised in the city of Sollefteå she adopted the melancholy of the whistling forest and the open landscapes which she now has thoroughly sewed together with the sound of the modern Swedish pop wonder.

Lina has been active as a solo artist for many years, mastering several different genres. Her primary focus has previously been jazz, which in recent times has shifted to Swedish pop blended with americana. This creates an exciting sound in the borderland between the vast northern plains and the old American tradition of folk singers.

Her love for beautiful lyrics and strong melodies comes into its own in this recognizable but also refreshing sound. Her ability to seamlessly move from jazz to pop and country has made an impact into her music as the sound becomes difficult to place into a fixed genre style. The main character, however, does not place much focus on the genre. Regardless of the type of music she always finds inspiration from her heroes Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris & Ella Fitzgerald. An inspiration in lyrics and melodies which she lets shine through whatever she is creating.

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Jag kommer aldrig dö för dig

Release Date: February 4, 2022