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“Rymdklang”: Use Soap’s Anthem of Space

The Swedish Rock Band’s Mesmerizing New Song

Swedish rock band Use Soap is set to release their latest song “Rymdklang” on September 29th. With echoes of the sound of bands like Dinosaur Jr., this new rock gem offers listeners an ethereal anthem about space.

“Rymdklang” was written by the band and produced by Petter Lithvall, at Stigbergsstudio in 2023. Like all of Use Soap’s great songs, it was created spontaneously, exploring a mesmerizing sound inspired by the vastness of space. Accompanying this new anthem is the B-side track, “A Campfire Song,” a more romantic tune with a 60s bubblegum pop inspiration.

Diverging from the sound of their previous indie-pop-inspired release, “Furry,” the new single explores a completely different energy, with hypnotic riffs and powerful bursts of energy, “Rymdklang” has become a band favorite in their live sets.

Use Soap’s music is a tribute to raw passion and authenticity, the band’s genuine creativity and effortless magic drive them to blend unique sparks of inspiration to create an ever-changing sound.

After teaming up with Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021, Use Soap’s musical journey continues to deliver exciting music. Don’t miss the stellar release of “Rymdklang” on September 29th.

Artwork & photo: Use Soap

Use Soap