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“Houston”: The Pains of a Dying Love

Weezy.records New Soulful Song 

Austrian producer Weezy.records gears up to share “Houston,” his latest single, set for release on October 6th. Infusing an Afropop beat with hip-hop elements and soulful vocals, the producer’s versatility brings forth reminiscences of the style of producers like Internet Money, Miksu / Macloud, and Metro Boomin.

Written and produced by Weezy.records in 2022, “Houston” explores the frustration of someone who can’t seem to make things right with their loved one. The persistent urge to blame oneself and the frustration of realizing it’s out of one’s control is the most powerful theme of the song, which can deeply resonate with the listeners.

Weezy.records’ talent for creating unique vibes shines through in this song. With its soft, atmospheric synthesizer, soulful vocals, and groovy beat, the producer’s artistry greatly amplifies the song’s expressive depth.

Weezy.records has always had an affinity for music, he started writing songs as early as age 8. This passion eventually evolved, leading to his 2021 debut instrumental album, “Tales of Weezy,” and several subsequent singles.

Having recently signed with Rexius Records in 2023, Weezy.records is ready to share more of his creations with the world. Dive deep into the soulful sounds of “Houston” on October 6th.

Artwork: Julian Wiesner

Photographer: Johannes Aigner/AIXPIX