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“Nothing At All” by DAVIDD: Confessions of a Struggling Soul

An Honest Dive into the Mind’s Darkest Corners

Set for release on October 13th, “Nothing At All” by UK indie artst DAVIDD is a stark portrait of depression, isolation, and the mind’s spiralling descent into dangerous thinking. Echoing the sound of The Maccabees’ “Given to the Wild” and Bloc Party’s “A Weekend in the City,” this poignant track paints a raw depiction of the artist’s mental health struggles.

Written by DAVIDD and produced by Will Davies at Sutton Wood Studios in 2023, “Nothing At All” takes listeners on a turbulent journey, as DAVIDD confesses a heart-wrenching desire to disappear fuled by depression and alienation.

Revealing his wounds without filter, façade, or even his signature dark humour, the haunting echoes of DAVIDD’s voice reflect the darkest corners of his mind, reminding us of the difficulty of overcoming the vicious circle of pain and numbness.

DAVIDD’s music is a unique form of public therapy. His unfiltered style began captivating listeners in 2022, leading to radio play on platforms like BBC INTRODUCING and iHeartRadio.

With his signing to Rexius Records this year, he continues to create resonating and sincere songs, ready to connect to those seeking the raw, unconventional side of indie music. Don’t miss the release of DAVIDD’s poignant single, “Nothing At All,” on October 13th.

Artwork & photo: Russel Blackbourn