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“Love Like The Sun” – Al Ex’s Intimate Reflection on Modern Love

A Story of Sensuality and Burning Passion

Spanish singer-songwriter and producer Al Ex (Alex García-Obregón) is set to release his new single, “Love Like The Sun” on October 6th. Co-produced alongside David Kano, the track fuses a sexy acoustic guitar riff with an indie-pop rock twist, echoing the influence of artists like Bruno Mars and Lenny Kravitz.

Drawing from the artist’s personal experiences, “Love Like The Sun” tells a story of love so intense and radiant that, much like the sun, it illuminated but ultimately burned all those who experienced it. The song served as a therapeutic tool for Al Ex, helping him heal from the end of a relationship marked by dependency, toxicity, and jealousy.

Al Ex’s journey in music has been long and varied. From winning a demo contest on MTV Spain at 17 with his former band The Waste of Time to performing on The Voice Spain, his trajectory has been full of exciting moments. Later in 2023, Al Ex is also gearing up for the release of his latest rock band, VLUE’s debut album.

After teaming up with Rexius Records this year, Al Ex is also set to share his solo album, “All of the Above” with the world. 

Don’t miss out on the release of “Love Like The Sun” this October 6th, a track that brilliantly captures the complexities of modern love.

Photo & artwork: Alejandro García-Obregón

Al Ex