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Al Ex

Al Ex

Pop, Rock

From Within to All of the Above

Rexius Records

Madrid, Spain

Al Ex


Al Ex (Alex García-Obregón, 1988, Madrid) is a Spanish songwriter, singer and producer passionate about spirituality, music and the occult from an early age. His music is a concoction of influences ranging from indie and electronic pop to rock, funk, and R&B, covering themes such as love, breakups, aliens, and the world’s current transformation.

His connection to the esoteric and the cosmos makes him a unique writer, weaving double meanings and coded messages of empowerment into his eclectic repertoire. His voice is one of his strongest suits, with an ample range that enables him to deliver a wide variety of vocal influences in creative and exciting ways. Even if the songs differ in style or genre, Al Ex’s voice remains a beacon of his sound and personality.

For Al Ex, music is a way to connect with his true essence and share its message with the world. He sees it as a form of magic, hoping to inspire others and move them.

His over 20-year journey through music has seen him win a demo contest on MTV Spain with his former band The Waste of Time at age 17, tour Spain with an orchestral band, compose music for short films and advertisement, perform on The Voice Spain and a Beatles musical tribute as well as playing some charity concerts for Assisi Friends and Concierto Candestino. In late 2023 he is also scheduled to debut with his new rock band VLUE, releasing their first album before the end of the year.

In 2023, Al Ex signed with Rexius Records to release his much anticipated solo debut album All of the Above, hoping that his music continues to act as a vessel, an expression of his own journey, and a way to connect to kindred spirits.


“All of the Above” – The Cosmic RocknRolla’s Stellar Debut

Release Date: December 1, 2023