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“All of the Above” – The Cosmic RocknRolla’s Stellar Debut

Al Ex Breaks Molds With His New Album

Spanish songwriter, singer, and producer Al Ex (Alex García-Obregón) is set to release his debut album “All of the Above” on December 1st. A masterful blend of genres such as folk, electro-pop, rock, and funk, this magical work echoes a wide array of influences from artists like Arcade Fire, Jeff Buckley, Twenty One Pilots, and Bruno Mars.

“All of the Above” is a bold challenge to musical and societal norms. The album intertwines a cosmic yearning with the audacity of artistic freedom. The title, a nod to the cosmic, is also a rejection of societal conformity, a play of words about the daring act of choosing all options on a multiple-choice test.

Al Ex wrote all the songs in the album and began producing them in his home studio. The project would eventually be taken into higher dimensions with the collaboration of producers David Kano (Cycle) and Pablo del Fresno, along with some of Spain’s finest musicians like David Bao, Abel del Fresno, Gabriel Casanova, and Ed is Dead.

Among the release’s highlights is the song “When We Get Together,” an anthem with electronic influences that describes an exciting night out of partying, but also becomes a metaphor for humanity’s potential to unite as the only solution against the current apocalypse.

With a musical journey spanning over two decades, Al Ex’s varied achievements include winning an MTV Spain demo contest, performing on The Voice Spain, playing charity concerts for Assisi Friends and Concierto Candestino, and composing for films and ads. Later in 2023, Al Ex is also gearing up for the release of his latest rock band, VLUE’s debut album.

After signing with Rexius Records earlier this year, Al Ex is set to challenge boundaries with “All of the Above.” Don’t miss out on this sonic masterpiece full of spirituality, occultism, love, breakups, self-empowerment, and unity, set to release on December 1st.

Artwork & photos by: Alejandro García-Obregón

Al Ex