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“Made In China” – The Recording of a Live Classic

Use Soap’s Gripping New Single 

Swedish rock band Use Soap is set to unveil its latest single, “Made In China,” on November 24th. Drawing from the essence of ’90s alternative rock, the song pairs a reflective atmosphere with a resounding, expressive chorus, crafting a sound that is perfect for the live stage.

Written by David Jakobsson and thoroughly produced, mixed, and mastered by Petter Lithvall in Gothenburg, the song offers a rich sonic journey that is bound to capture the ears of both fans and new listeners. 

As one of the band’s classic live songs, “Made In China” stands as the quintessential example of a Use Soap song, with lyrics that were inspired by the emotions and thoughts of its writer at the time and a sound that captures the attention of listeners with its rich melodies and contrasting dynamics.

Use Soap continues to grow with their deep-seated commitment to create spontaneous and unique songs. Their music fuses the charm of the sound of past decades with the talent of artists who value the unrepeatable magic of the present, channeling unique sounds along the way.

After teaming up with Rexius Records in 2021, the band has continued their seamless evolution, releasing several exciting singles over the past two years. Don’t miss out on the release of “Made In China,” ready to enthrall listeners on November 24th.

Artwork & photos by: Use Soap

Use Soap