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“I Don’t Mind” – When Pain Clouds All Memories

J. M. Faupel’s Journey Through Heartbreak and Memories

American alternative rock artist J. M. Faupel is set to release his latest single “I Don’t Mind” on December 8th. Echoing the sounds of bands like Parabelle, Evans Blue, and Three Days Grace, this powerful song narrates the story of the aftermath of a painful breakup.

Written by J. M. Faupel and produced by Aaron Prentice in his Lubbock, Texas studio, “I Don’t Mind” relays a very personal perspective on the remnants of a broken relationship, as the overwhelming nature of pain clouds all memories.

Opening with a mesmerizing guitar line that paves the way into the song’s expressive chorus, the music closely mirrors the signature style of J. M. Faupel’s work, weaving intense emotions into its potent sound.

Profoundly influenced by the sound and spirit of the alternative metal and rock bands of the 2000s, J. M. Faupel creates a unique mixture of strong melodies and hard sounds. He doesn’t shy away from confronting the most destructive side of human beings, embracing the chaos as a way to find strength and reconnect with the true self.

J. M. Faupel released his debut album “Still Breathing” in 2016, followed by several singles over the past few years. In 2023, he signed with Rexius Records, as he continues to craft intense emotional soundscapes. 

Don’t miss out on the release of “I Don’t Mind” on December 8th, a heart-stirring story of heartbreak.

Artwork & photos by: Claudia Lusk

J. M. Faupel