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“Rabbit On A Highway” – Feeling Out of Place

Delving Into Life’s Struggles in Paperclip’s New EP

Dutch bedroom pop artist Paperclip is set to release his deeply personal EP “Rabbit On A Highway” on November 3rd. With an atmospheric production, haunting acoustic guitars, and sincere vocals, the EP mixes folk, rock, and pop with hints of noise, drawing inspiration from artists such as Cavetown, Flatsound, and Keaton Henson.

The EP offers listeners an intimate window into the uneasy feelings of being out of place, illustrated by the metaphor of a rabbit on a highway. As Robin (Paperclip) relays, “For as long as I can remember I’ve never felt fully understood and sometimes felt a bit like an alien.”

Robin opens his heart in each song, serving as a confessional in which he shares his desire to escape social pressure, bears open wounds from his childhood, and reflects on his fears about love or the exhaustion of existence. Each song delves into unresolved issues and deep fears, embodying his life’s hardships as he crafts soundscapes around the words.

The artist’s solo endeavor took form in his home studio, where he wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered this emotional journey, closing the cathartic process of self-discovery as the acoustic guitar fades into the infiniteness of silence.

Since the release of his debut album “It’s Getting Winter” in 2020, Paperclip has continued to evolve and explore the complexities of human existence. After signing with Rexius Records in 2023, he’s now ready to write a new chapter with the release of “Rabbit On A Highway.”

Don’t miss this poignant release on November 3rd and let this EP take you on an emotional adventure through Paperclip’s mind.

Artwork & photo: Julia Verweij