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Making Musical Connections

Rexius Records

Houten, Netherlands



Paperclip is a Dutch bedroom pop artist who creates intimate, cathartic music that serves as a companion and a guide through the most difficult emotions. Inspired by artists like Keaton Henson, Cavetown, and Radiohead, his music flourishes from the perfection of the unexpected.

“I do my best to be very impulsive,” he relays, as he describes his creative process and the uniqueness of each of his songs, as tapestries of memories, emotions, and intimate struggles. His music is the product of the most genuine personal expression, allowing the thoughts and feelings of an introspective soul to connect with kindred spirits.

As he shapes music in the intimacy and comfort of his bedroom, Paperclip’s wisdom has allowed him to maintain a very organic and candid relationship with his art, a creative process that started in his teenage years and that he describes as his “absolute favorite thing in the world.”

Paperclip released his debut album “It’s Getting Winter” in 2020, followed by several singles and the EP “Mind(,)Full Enough” in 2022. He signed with Rexius Records in 2023, looking to connect with more souls in the future.


“Rabbit On A Highway” – Feeling Out of Place

Release Date: November 3, 2023