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Tom Rican

Tom Rican


A Creator of Musical Stories And Eclectic Sounds

Rexius Records

Orinda, CA, USA

Tom Rican


Czech indie-pop singer-songwriter Tom Rican takes listeners on a sonic journey full of authenticity, inspiration, and versatility. Echoing the varied styles of artists like Clairo, Matt Maltese, and Phoebe Bridgers, Tom’s music weaves stories full of genuine emotions and a sense of optimism, freedom, and adventure.

Tom’s versatile creative process has led him to continuously transform his sound through each song. His narrative lyrics describe stories full of vivid imagery. His songs embrace vulnerability, expressing the thoughts of a gentle soul navigating life’s twists and turns.

Tom’s sincere and profound vocals reflect his deep passion for music. A passion that drove him to evolve his artistry from his early childhood melodies into a unique, eclectic sound that seeks to uplift and deeply connect with the listener.

His self-written, co-produced music echoes the most genuine corners of his soul. His songs transport listeners through an array of scenarios, maintaining a liberating and hopeful feeling through the journey.

In 2022, Tom Rican’s undeniable talent led him to sign with Rexius Records. This exciting partnership promises to propel his career to new heights and continue to captivate audiences with his genre-blending indie-pop music.


“The City”: Tom Rican’s Ode to Love 

Release Date: November 10, 2023