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“between you, me & desolation” – Rebellion and Vulnerability

PK Finds Hope Amidst Desolation

Estonian artist PK is set to unveil his new album, “between you, me & desolation” on October 13th.  With influences spanning rock, pop punk, alternative hip hop, and even metalcore, PK echoes the sounds of artists like Good Charlotte, Sueco, and Beauty School Dropout.

“between you, me & desolation” embraces rebellion and vulnerability, fostering conversations and ideas that form when the exploration of the self is stripped of all pretense. The album discovers hope beyond the desolation of acknowledging that we often undermine our lives by ceaselessly searching for something or someone to provide a purpose.

The project enlisted the contribution of multiple producers from all over the world, including Tom Eisner, Artur Torobarov, Erlax Case, Martin Pilgrimm, Andrey Kirpin, Henri Kuusk, Mikk Peetrimägi, Harry Allan, Alexander Bierk, Nikolaos Grivellas, and Yung Karambu.

Recorded in PK’s home studio, “between you, me & desolation” also features three artists, Anne Arrak, Sixten, and Karl Mesipuu, who provided their own signature sound to this sonic exploration.

PK’s artistic journey has always been one of deep exploration and boundary-pushing. Over nearly 20 years in the music industry, he has released multiple albums and singles across various genres.

Music played a significant role in his healing process, as he survived a nearly fatal stroke in 2007 that required relearning basic activities, an experience that allowed him to connect to others and celebrate life beyond prejudices with his “For A Better Life” movement.

After signing with Rexius Records in 2023, PK is ready to share more of his unique essence with the world. Don’t miss the release of “between you, me & desolation” by PK on October 13th.

Artwork & photo: Raine Kapp