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“Ashes” – Destruction and Rebirth

J.M. Faupel Explores Despair and Resilience in His Latest Single

American Alternative rock artist J.M. Faupel delves deep into the thin line between chaos and rebirth in his forthcoming single, “Ashes,” a powerful and moving song about crisis and hope. Set to release on October 20th, this poignant, synth-driven track resonates with the spirit of bands like Linkin Park, Starset, and Chevelle.

Reflecting on the metaphorical process of a phoenix burning down to ashes before its rebirth, “Ashes” paints a vivid picture of internal turmoil and the chaotic journey from despair to hope. Written by J.M. Faupel and produced by Aaron Prentice in his Lubbock, Texas studio, the song also features the soul-stirring vocal harmonies of Victor Witkamp.

“Ashes” bears a heavy yet hopeful message, as it recognizes the turbulence within while still finding the strength to start over. It is J.M. Faupel’s fresh venture into a more synth-driven sound, painting immersive soundscapes that are grounded by an expressive piano intro. The song allowed Faupel to explore a different creative process, with insightful contributions to the lyrics by Kareem Shahzada.

Originally from El Paso, Texas, J.M. Faupel has consistently created music that is authentic and deeply personal. He released his debut “Still Breathing” in 2016, followed by several singles over the past few years. After signing with Rexius in 2023, he continues to evolve as an artist. 

Do not miss the release of “Ashes” on October 20th, a song that promises to resonate deeply with listeners, offering both raw power and heartfelt honesty.

Artwork & photo: Claudia Lusk

J. M. Faupel