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Leaving With You

Death Behind a Love Song

Gothenburg-based singer-songwriter Titus Drott releases his most personal single to date. With a sound that reminds of Ed Sheeran’s most intimate acoustic works, “Leaving With You” gives the impression of being a romantic song. But on a closer listen, the narrator is actually coming to terms with a dark reality. 

“The song is written in a certain way, in an attempt at masking it as a love song,” Drott explains. The soft, ballad-like acoustic guitar from the intro and the lyrics written in the second person seem to confirm this impression. 

But the main topic is actually the acceptance of one’s own death. “After a person has gone through years of depression, hopelessness, and suicidal thoughts, death doesn’t feel particularly scary anymore.”

The song was recorded in Gothenburg in 2021. The artist made a few experiments with vocal harmonies and some chord progressions with his guitar. “Leaving With You is more personal and is coming from a much more vulnerable place than my past songs,” he continues. It’s deeper in musical terms as well. 

Titus Drott released his debut singles “Bird” and “Homemade Clothes” in 2019, followed by “Gothenburg” in 2021. He got signed to Rexius Records in 2021 and is now preparing for the release of “Leaving With You” later this year.

Artwork by Maria Stark
Photography by Elektra Lundstedt

Titus Drott